Commercial Radio Projects

A number of more recent commercial radios have been restored and are operational, some as my current or backup amateur station receivers, others just displayed and demonstrated. The display setup also has two mechanical teletype machines Siemens T100 and T68d which print the signals received by the different receiver/demodulator combinations. More tips on restoration will be added when I get around to take some more pictures.
Please feel free to ask any questions covering refurbishment of these fine radios or F1/F6 demodulators.

List of Systems/Sets Covered (excl Collins)


The new firmware listing was obtained courtesy of Roschi Rohde Schwarz AG and burned onto two fresh 27C512 EPROMs.

This receiver is operated with its built-in teletype demodulator.

This is an article published in the Swiss HISTEC Journal (in German).

This receiver has a built-in demodulator but is operated with its optional RFT EZ-100 RF-preselector/teletype demodulator.


Watkins-Johnson 521-A3
My Watkins-Johnson 521-A3 VHF Surveillance Receiver