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The PDP8 being the first "affordable" minicomputer when it first came out in 1965 was an important step towards "universal" computing. The PDP8 family was used extensively in university or industry labs, in process control, SCADA systems, message handling, machine tools and many other things that could be served by this simple yet effective computer. It was easy to design your own dedicated I/O logic, especially when the OMNIBUS structure came along with the PDP-8/E/F/M. Also with DECUS an open software exchange for user programs was created - long before the "share-economy" was invented. Browsing the links to the left will allow you to find interesting stuff covering this family.


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The pages are mainly designed to present project and background information to collectors. A detailed description of a computer or project is often not found and no copies of information easily found in cyberspace are included. Thus very often you need to search for additional data as my text assumes you know what a certain computer model does or what it looks like. Also not included are entire copious manuals.

The HD6120 chip was designed between Harris and DEC for the DECmates I to III+ which started in 1980

My old PDP8/E - FP, 3x CPU, TTY, LPT, RX8, 8k Plessey memory, bus loads.
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