All my texts published elsewhere

More recently some of my writeups on matters relevant to this website have been published in two club magazines. In both cases my copyright remained and the full text and illustrations as well as some additional materials are presented here.
Nevertheless I am very grateful for the valued contributions and the all important layout work of both journal editors. They always help to greatly improve the overall look of the articles and find my unavoidable errors. Thank you!

🇦🇺 The PDF files are freely downloadable, readable and printable in high resolution. No registration, no tracking. Usually the files are password protected against any modifications. Should something not work, please send me an e-mail. Currently known is that Microsoft Edge will not properly decode this encryption, but all other browsers tested will.
🇨🇭 Die PDF-Dateien können frei heruntergeladen, angesehen und in hoher Auflösung ausgedruckt werden. Keine Registrierung, kein Tracking. Für eine Weiterbearbeitung sind sie dagegen in der Regel durch ein Passwort geschützt. Sollte etwas nicht funktionieren, bitte ich um Nachricht. Bekannt ist zur Zeit, dass Microsoft Edge die Verschlüsselung nicht decodieren kann. Mit anderen Browsern geht das.


The Swiss HISTEC Journal, published by ENTER Technikwelt (in German 🇨🇭)

My articles published in HISTEC Journal are here. As the Swiss journal is published in German, my texts are in this language. However some of the references therein are in English and circuit diagrams and pictures do not really have to be translated...

H.M.V. Little Nipper A13A - 1949 → click on picture to read more


The UK magazine SIGNAL, published by VMARS (in English 🇦🇺)

My articles published in SIGNAL are here. As it is a UK publication, the texts are in the English language of course...

RA-1B receiver system on its plinth → click on picture to read more