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All articles published in SIGNAL are presented on this page (just 2 right now...). In some cases additional links to sites relevant to the text are included. Kindly note that links are also shown in the articles themselves.


The Bendix RA-1B aircraft radio receiver

The text presents the full restauration of this receiver made in the 1940ies including a real dynamotor supply and an installation on an aluminum plinth.


400Hz inverters for air-borne radios

This text presents the requirements and possible solutions for the task of providing 400Hz AC power to aircraft radios. Part 1 covers introduction and data of commercial units and explores and documents an experiment using a "simple" PWM inverter. The results are usable but not really satisfactory and part 2 will describe a more complex solution using today's technology. Unfortunately that part is still in the works, sorry.



RA-1B on plinth
Bendix RA-1B receiver, speaker and power supply on a plinth