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All articles published in SIGNAL are presented on this page. In some cases additional links to sites relevant to the text are included. Kindly note that links are also shown in the articles themselves.

A great thank you goes to the publications manager of VMARS and editor of SIGNAL, Prof. Bronek Wedzicha, M0DAF for his excellent layout work and all improvements of my "non-native" English.


Swiss military HF-LF receiver E44

The article starts with the history of this receiver during the diffcult times of encircled Switzerland in WW2 and describes the receiver itself, the resources mobilized to manufacture it in 1944/45 and the restauration back to a working unit.


The portable military Rohde & Schwarz ESEF VHF receiver

This text describes the author's receiver originally purchased in 1963 as a tunable IF for a 2m amateur band converter. After many years it was reactivated and after minor work in excellent condition.


The Bendix RA-1B aircraft radio receiver

The text presents the full restauration of this receiver made in the 1940ies including a real dynamotor supply and an installation on an aluminum plinth.


400Hz inverters for air-borne radios

This text presents the requirements and possible solutions for the task of providing 400Hz AC power to aircraft radios. Part 1 covers introduction and data of commercial units and explores and documents an experiment using a "simple" PWM inverter. The results are usable but not really satisfactory and part 2 will describe a more complex solution using today's technology. Unfortunately that part is still in the works, sorry.



RA-1B on plinth
Bendix RA-1B receiver, speaker and power supply on a plinth → click on picture to read article published.