My SBC/HD6120 Family Display at VCFE/CH Zurich 2016

This was very first time I was asked - fairly late - to join the VCFE/CH as an exhibitor. Sharing space with a good PDP8 friend, there was no room for large items. The solution was to display Bob Armstrong's SBC6120 projects: the FP6120 (description here) and my box containing a SBC6120 system (description here). Both had Bob's VT6 PC-interface to conventional VGA flatscreens and PC-keyboards.

Both systems run OS8 V3D and on my box I had a late version of CHEKMO II installed which, combined with a real chessboard to display the ongoing fight, it was quite a successful show. One visitor actually went through a full game, he lost the end game - even though he was quite a good chess player! So CHEKMO II is definitely no toy.

There is just one picture of my display, the lighting was bad and I just had a phone camera. Still, it is a record of my first effort... It was just the time the SBC6120-RBC project was in the pipe-line and I added a bit of advertising for it. The blue box in front contains a complete original SBC6120 and is pictured in details here.


VCFE SBC6120 Display

My FP/SBC6120 and Chess Display