FP6120: The look-alike PDP-8/E Panel driven by a SBC6120

As an addition to the basic SBC6120 system, Bob later designed the FP6120 front panel, a PDP-8/E look-alike where the single board computer - installed piggy-back on the PCB - drives the FP6120 which provides the toggle switch operation and lights typical of these vintage machines. It really feels like the old days!

My implementation of this design is installed upright on a piece of wood for easy display on shows like 2016 at VCFE/CH. The storage medium is an SD card and a VT6 terminal unit is used to drive a standard VGA display and a PC keyboard directly rather than using a real terminal or PC and terminal emulator. It is powered from an old laptop supply, there are on-board 5V regulators on both, the FP6120 and the VT-6.


FP6120 Front View
My FP6120 ready for work...


FP6120 Rear View
My FP6120 with SBC6120 and VT-6 from the rear